Fractional Sailing Arrives in Cleveland!

With ten years of experience and exclusive access to Dufour Yacths, Broad Reach Sailing is bringing the extremely popular concept of Fractional Yacht Leasing to Edgewater Marina in downtown Cleveland.

The goal of fractional leasing (also known by some as lease-share or yacht timeshare) is simple: Experience all the pleasures of sailing your very own boat without all the hassles or expenses of ownership. The concept is not unique to Broad Reach, but our program stands out from the others.

Our fractional leasing program gives you all the privileges and enjoyment of owning a Dufour yacht without the worries of maintenance, mooring fees, insurance, and off-season storage costs. You sign up each year – there is no long-term commitment, no buy-in or initiation fees, and no equity stake to sell when you are done sailing with us. You are leasing (technically “bareboat chartering”) the boat for the season on a shared basis along with other members.

Meet INVOKE our new Dufour 382!

Invoke is a Dufour 382, and boat of year winner, she is easy to handle and equipped for entertainment.
Full Share is $7,500
Half Share is $4,250
Discounts available for memberships paid in full before Febuary 1, 2018.
Docked at Edgewater Marina, in Cleveland, Ohio.


How it Works

Each boat is shared by a limited number of members

There are a limited number of shares available on each boat to ensure ample sailing time.

Create your own sailing schedule

Our advanced reservation system allows our members to reserve the boat when they really want it. Time slots are never assigned.

Reserve far in advance or last minute

Each month members request boat time for the following month.  Any unassigned slots are available to request up to 7 days in advance.

If your plans change, you can return your reservation

You can release a reservation and use the credit for another time.

Spaces Are Limited Request an Application Now

Please fill out the form on this page. We will send you an application if space is available. Spaces are limited and subject to availability and application approval.

If you have any questions feel free to call:


or email:

I take friends out on the lake all summer long. Midweek sails are my favorite, like a mini-weekend after work.  Love the boats and the service!
Stu Robertson

There aren’t many things as fun or as special as sailing along with the skyline in view, and knowing that I was able to bring friends and family along to enjoy it, too. To be able to soak that in and share it, without the worries that come with owning a boat, that has become a special part of the summer.

Week in the life

of a Broad Reach Member…

Next Month's Sailing Trip

Next month you’ve scheduled a 2 daytrip to meet some friends in Sandusky.

This Saturday

This Saturday eve you’re taking friends out for a sunset cruise and spending the night on the yacht.


Looks like the boat is available tomorrow after work.  With a few clicks on my phone it’s reserved!

Why spend another summer without a boat??!

Contact us to come aboard!

New to Sailing?

No Problem!

Memberships include training by USCG licensed Captains.